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A general trading company, targeting import of new products with high quality at reasonable price. Functioning as an incubator for new brands on Macedonian market. Doing distribution and supply chain management. We rely in team work, hard work & professionalism.

  • Aqua Tepelene

    Natural Mineral Water coming from mountains of Albania by a 250 years old natural reserve of water called "Uji ftohtë Tepelene". High quality brand that offers oligomineral water, having few dissolved minerals. Recommended as a dietary drink, having low content of sodium. Being sold in Italy, Greece, Kosovo, USA, England and now in Macedonia.

    Zlatna Pćela

    Program of nutritive products from Serbia containing Royal Jelly - Šumlete. Carefully chosen natural flavors of lyophilized fruits have raised Šumleta, in an organoleptic way, to a level of a unique and soothing experience for the consumers.

    KIDY, Baby Diapers

    Premium quality diapers Kidy, containing the full program of sizes for all ages. Air-Tansitive cottony surface for comforting your babys skin, flexible side tapes, super absorbent particles and improved barriers for preventing leakage.

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